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Trust is an episode that was first broadcast in Scotland on the 3rd October 2010 and has yet to be broascast in the UK on the 18th January 2011. It is the 105th episode of Taggart and the second episode of the 27th season. The episode has 2.55 million viewers with a 5.8% share. [1]

Plot synopsisEdit

When the leader of a ship workers union is shot dead in the middle of a labour dispute, corporate killing seems the most likely cause. However, the real motivations lie much closer to home.

Plot summary Edit

Ship Worker’s Union activist Will Ramsey is at the centre of a bitter ongoing dispute with the management over job losses. Departing from a meeting he is shot dead, and his boss, Cam Beattie, also sustains a gunshot wound.

D.C.I. Burke and D.S. Reid are initially led to believe Will’s murder may have been a corporate killing, however, despite new information coming to light, the case is far from clear.

Recovering in hospital, Beattie is unable to recall much of the evening’s events, nor identify Ramsey’s murderer. Meanwhile D.I. Ross investigates Union Secretary, Patrick Carr, who is very helpful, hinting at resentment towards Beattie and Ramsey.

Beattie’s wife, Lorna and daughter Kirsty, are in complete shock over the attack and at being caught up in a murder case. After discharging himself, Beattie returns home only to be shot by an intruder with a crossbow. Although wounded by the arrow, he lives to tell the tale. But the pressure is on for Burke to find answers and quick, as his boss, D. S. Campbell, wants to know whether he is going to accept a new job that’s on offer.

Following an explosion at the Union’s headquarters, the police chase Carr as he flees the scene. Much to Ross’s annoyance, Burke is at the wheel of his new motor. Meanwhile, D.I. Jackie Reid uncovers alarming evidence that brings everything into sharp focus …


Matthew Burke - Alex Norton

Robbie Ross - John Michie

Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff

Duncan Clarke - Davood Ghadami

Karen Campbell - Siobhan Redmond


  1. [1]

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