Bad Medicine
Episode number 104
ITV broadcast date 3rd October 2010
Previous episode The Rapture
Next episode Abuse of Trust

Bad Medicine is an episode in Series 27 that was first broadcast broadcast in Scotland on the 3rd October 2010. The episode had 2.6 million viewers with a 10.1% share.[1] As this was the 2nd airing of the episode which will have lost many viewers such as those in Scotland which would normally make up a large bulk of the audience on ITV. These figures are also affected by catch up services.


The discovery of a tortured body in an abandoned warehousesets the scene for Taggart’s thrilling return. Assisted by new recruit, pathologist Duncan Clark, D.C.I. Matt Burke and D.S. Jackie Reid quickly identify the victim as Scott Clarkson, a newly-qualified junior doctor. Despite leaving a Latin inscription, scratched on his arm, Burke and Reid remain mystified as to why anyone would want to murder the medic? And who could have got their hands on the murder weapon, a nail gun?

However, the team soon discover that Scott was manufacturing and selling drugs to fund his way through medical school; aided and abetted by fellow doctor Lucy. When questioned, Lucy is reluctant to answer anything relating to his murder, making Burke and Reid suspicious. Continuing the hunt for further suspects, Scott’s housemate, pharmacy student Gordon, is their next port of call. Meanwhile D.I. Robbie Ross digs deeper into the victim’s connections with local junkie Katie.

The case is further complicated when London cops, D.I. Casey and D.S. Morretti, turn up unannounced. It appears that the Glaswegian murder is connected with a drug trafficking case down South.

Reluctant to co-operate, despite Burke and Casey being old colleagues, the duo go head to head on the case. As tensions grow, events take a sinister turn when more deaths occur, and further investigations lead them to fear the murderer is too close to home for comfort.


Matthew Burke - Alex Norton
Robbie Ross - John Michie
Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff
Duncan Clarke - Davood Ghadami
Karen Campbell- Siobhan Redmond


  1. [1]

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