Bloodsport is the penultimate episode of season 27 of Taggart and the one hundred a

Episode number
ITV broadcast date
8th February 2011 (UK)
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nd eighth episode overall. Like all the rest of the Taggart episodes of the new season, it has yet to be shown in the rest of the UK. It will be broadcast on the 8th February 2011.

Plot synopsisEdit

An unidentified dead body is discovered next to a motorway underpass. D.C.I Burke is immediately suspicious as it appears the man’s body has been dressed and moved from the initial crime scene. The hunt is on to find out who dumped the body...

When Julie Cash arrives at the station to report her husband, Noel, missing, it becomes apparent that his is the body lying in the mortuary. With a heavily bruised and battered torso, Duncan Clark reveals from his examinations that Noel had clearly been involved in a bare knuckle fight prior to his death.

As the investigation unfolds it appears that Noel was living a lie; indulging in the dark world of illegal gambling, lap dancing and fighting. D.S. Reid comes across internet footage revealing that Noel was competing in a cage fight the night before his death. Knowing that he walked away from the fight alive, the team track his final steps to uncover who killed him.

D.I. Ross and Jackie go undercover on the case, but how far will they go to convince McGreevy, the fight club owner, that they’re a happy couple?

Meanwhile, Ross has to face up to some home truths of his own, and make a decision affecting the rest of his career...


DCI Matthew Burke - Alex Norton

DI Robbie Ross - John Michie

DS Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff

Pathologist Duncan Clarke - Davood Ghadmi

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