Fact and Fiction is the 100th episode of Taggart in series 26 which was shown on 24th December 2009. The episode had 4.11 million viewers with a 17.5% audience share.

Plot synopsisEdit

A stolen mobile phone provides a vital lead in a three year old murder case.

Full plot synopsisEdit

While investigating credit card fraud, Reid and Ross raid a mobile shop for cloning cards and come across a mobile phone that belonged to a man called James Melville…a murder victim from an unsolved case.

The team discover the phone was bought on Ebay from Brian McFarlane. When Fraser and Burke question him, he points them in the direction of university lecturer, Phyllis Wade, from whom McFarlane claims he got the phone.

When Ross and Reid question Phyllis, it seems there is more to this mobile phone than meets the eye. Phyllis says that the phone came from the university’s lost property, but it transpires that she was given the phone by Mark Joffe, a fellow lecturer and author of a murder novel…the man she is also in love with.

The plot thickens when Reid discovers the murder in the book Joffe wrote is identical to the Melville murder those 3 years ago. The signs all point to Joffe being guilty when the original detective on the Melville murder, DCI Wilson, reveals other similar unsolved murders abroad - all of which took place when Joffe was abroad at conferences.

Just as it seems that Joffe is behind the murders, another fact comes to light: it emerges that Melville was having an affair shortly before he was murdered. Was his mistress Anne Scoular involved, or perhaps the victim’s wife murdered him in revenge?

Burke is still suspicious of Joffe, but the team will need to dig deeper to separate fact from fiction and solve the cold case.

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