Episode number 95
ITV broadcast date 8th December 2008
Previous episode Safer
Next episode Crossing The Line

Homesick is an episode of series 25 which first aired on the 8th December 2008. The episode had 4.92 million viewers with a 20.6% share.[1]


When Polish security guard Zbigniew ‘Ziggy’ Lisowski is shot at the building site where he works, DCI Burke and the team are called in to investigate the murder.

Ziggy worked for Livingston Construction, a building company which uses Polish immigrant workers on site. Mr Fisher, who is in charge of overseeing the workers, immediately dismisses the idea that the shooting has something to do with either the workers or the company. Burke, however, takes an instant dislike to the man. Is he covering up what happened?

Ross and Reid go to Ziggy’s flat in search of clues, and follow a lead to the Kaczynski Polish club. At the club they meet Paula, a second generation Polish woman who was helping Ziggy with his English. She reveals that she is trying to build a case against Fisher for his treatment of the workers.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city a woman is found dead. The body belongs to receptionist Kate Booth. When Ross and Reid visit Kate’s husband Donald, they discover than Kate too was Polish. Could the two murders be connected?

While Burke suspects that Ziggy and Kate knew each other, and possibly had an affair, Ross is sure that a racially motivated killer is at large.

When Burke and Ross escort Paula back to the Kaczynski club, she reveals that she’s going on shock-jock Harry Shaw’s radio show that night to confront him about his anti-immigrant stance. While on air, a mystery caller claims to have killed two Polish immigrants….and promises to kill again!

While Ross and Burke do their best to trace the call and calm Paula, Reid and Fraser are back at Ziggy’s flat, and catch someone searching through his things. The intruder, Kristof, is brought in for questioning but it soon becomes clear that he isn’t behind the murders – and he reveals that Ziggy was in fact gay.

So if Ziggy wasn’t having an affair with Kate, what was the connection between them?

In the meantime, Ross drives Paula back to her house – an action that risks both his career and his life…


Matt Burke - Alex Norton
Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff
Robbie Ross - John Michie
Stuart Fraser - Colin McCreadie
Ellis Sinclair - Katrina Bryan


TV Scoop gave the episode a positive review.[2]


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