Island is the second episode in series 24 and first aired on the 27th Febuary 2008.

Plot synopsisEdit

A mutilated body is discovered on a remote island, and Ross and Reid leave Glasgow to investigate, but find that the inhabitants are wary of outsiders and seem reluctant to assist them. They return to Glasgow with the body, while Burke and Fraser make some headway and manage to connect the victim to a drugs racket in South American. Then another person on the island goes missing, and the team has to consider how much the drug dealing has infiltrated the remote community.

Full plot synopsisEdit

The peace of a beautiful Scottish island is shattered by a brutal murder among standing stones. For Burke and the team, on a rare investigation away from the tenements of Glasgow, the slaying has all the hallmarks of a ritual killing.

But the unknown victim’s corpse has another secret to reveal – a poisonous bite by a tropical South American spider, not an animal common to the cold waters off Scotland.

It’s not long before the team’s investigations throw light on a whole host of dark secrets.

What exactly is the relationship of New Age hippy Wendy Nugent to lobsterman Tam Cairns and his apprentice Rees? How come gutter-press journalist Callum Keane managed to get hold of the story so fast? And just what is it that Sean Mackay, the mainland copper with responsibility for the island, has got to hide?

Burke and Fraser return the mutilated corpse to the city and leave Reid and Ross on the island to delve deeper into the crime, but the investigation takes a disturbing turn as dangerous connections emerge to the importation of drugs into Glasgow.

As Reid and Ross struggle to get to grips with staying on the island, they begin to piece together bits of the deadly puzzle with the help of the local clergyman Rev Campbell and pub landlady Shona.

Back in the big city, Burke and Fraser’s enquiries into the dead man’s murky underworld past look like they’re heading nowhere fast until drugs squad Detective Sergeant Duggan comes up with some shocking new information.

But the stakes are getting higher. Another islander knows too much and has gone missing.

Soon, Ross and Reid find themselves on an isolated island miles from home, in a race against time to confront not one, but two, ruthless killers.


Matt Burke - Alex Norton
Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff
Robbie Ross - John Michie
Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie
Ellis Sinclair - Katrina Bryan