Kenny Forfar with Taggart and Livingstone

Kenny Forfar with Taggart and Livingstone

Kenny Forfar
was a friend of DS Peter Livingstone who first appeared as a detective in Knife Edge. Kenny and Jim Taggart got on well at the start. In Death Call Forfar was so convinced that Jamie McCormack was the murderer that he rigged evidence. When Jim found out about it Kenny was suspended from the case and presumably lost his job due to misconduct. He said goodbye to Peter and left. He was then seen again in Funeral Rites when he was working for a private detective called Douglas Abbernathy. He met Michael Jardine and aided him when he got beaten up. Kenny was later arrested and thrown in a cell of his own, by Jim Taggart and

Michael Jardine, he hadn't committed a crime at the time but Jardine pretended not to know him to vouch for him being a private detective as a payback for his previous unethical dealings when he was a policeman. He was never seen again after that episode.

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