Name Mita Rahim
Portrayed by Anneilka Rose

Detective Sergeant

previously Detective Constable

Duration 2010 - Present

DS Mita Rahim first appeared in 2010 in series 27 and was introduced in the third episode, Silent Truth, as a Detective Constable from the Diversity Unit. In the episode, The Ends of Justice, with Jackie Reid having been promoted to Detective Inspector, she takes over her old role as a Detective Sergeant.

Biography (from

Attractive young officer Mita Rahim, played by Anneika Rose, joins the team in the midst of a chilling case focusing on a racially motivated attack. Could the particulars of the case hit too close to home? Chief Superintendent Karen Campbell has forced D.C.I. Burke to take Rahim on as an officer from the Diversity Unit - and therefore a potentially useful resource on a case like this.

However, Rahim knows that the D.C.I. will not take kindly to his power being undermined by Campbell. Keen to prove herself to her new colleagues, but unsure how she fits, Mita soon proves to be more than just a pretty face but it is not yet clear where her priorities lie.

With D.I. Ross’s gambling and underworld connections threatening to spiral out of control, Rahim can’t help but notice the shared looks and hushed talks between Reid, Burke and Ross. So what are they hiding from her and what will she make of their unorthodox approach? When the Chief Super asks the ambitious new recruit to keep her informed of the situation, Rahim is put in a difficult position.

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