The Best and the Brightest
Episode number 81
ITV broadcast date 29th March 2006
Previous episode Law
Next episode Users and Losers

The Best and the Brightest is an episode from Series 22 that first aired on 29 March 2006. According to BARB - Taggart got a 6.04 million viewership. That ranked it 16th in ITV's most watched shows on that week.


When a research student named Mia Hassan, a Muslim is found dead in a University science lab following a severe anaphlylactic shock, the evidence suggests that her food had been deliberately contaminated. Traces of highly concentrated nut oil are found at the scene, but there seems to be no clear motive for murder. Then another student is found dead in an accident believed to be suicide, named Jessica Flowers who Robbie had fancied, the following day and Burke and the team realise that a calculating killer is within the University. Who is the killer?


Matt Burke - Alex Norton
Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff
Robbie Ross - John Michie
Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie