The Caring Game is an episode of series 23 which was left unaired until during series 25 when it aired on november 14 2008. The episode had 3.6 million viewers.[1]

Plot synopsisEdit

A woman is found brutally beaten up and murdered in her flat and still in the bath. She has been dead a week. She had many enemies which makes the suspect list bigger. Burke, Reid, Fraser and Ross investigate. Ross's ex-wife turns up and announces that she is leaving for Canada with their son, Jamie. Robbie can't join her. The police force means so much to him. They start an affair, but how long will it last? Will Robbie help the team to try and catch the killer?

Full plot synopsisEdit

When loner Kyla McMartin is found dead in her bathtub in a rundown Glasgow tenement, DI Robbie Ross has his mind on more personal problems. His ex-wife Gaby is planning on emigrating with their 16-year-old son Jamie.

Ross can’t afford to be distracted as the team investigates McMartin’s death. Laceration wounds consistent with her skull being cracked against the taps seem the likely cause of death. However the killer has bleached the entire place and there’s little forensic evidence to go on.

Neighbour Eddie Wilson immediately catches the team’s attention with his blasé attitude to McMartin’s death. DCI Burke and DC Fraser’s discovery that his balcony is a short jump to the victim’s certainly doesn’t help his cause. But what relevance does a charity sticker on McMartin’s bathroom mirror have, and why do her bank statements show she had plenty of cash when she lived in relative poverty?

Ross and DS Reid pay a visit to slimy estate agent Allan Pitt, McMartin’s boss, who points the team in the direction of her sister Gillian. Neither of them have kind words to say about the victim but further investigations reveal they both have secrets they’d prefer remained that way.

Meanwhile, Ross is thinking about Gaby and a meeting with his former flame results in a passionate kiss. Gaby blames his career for the family’s split, but can Ross really give up Glasgow and his beloved job to keep his family intact?

The team re-visit two persistent charity workers who pound the street outside of McMartin’s work when it’s revealed they lied about knowing her. It seems ‘chugging’ may not be the only source of income for the pair.

Could a case of blackmail gone wrong have been McMartin’s downfall, and with a growing list of suspects will the team ever catch the killer in what could be Robbie Ross’ final investigation?


Matt Burke - Alex Norton
Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff
Robbie Ross - John Michie
Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie
Ellis Sinclair - Katrina Bryan


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