The Ends of Justice is an episode of series 27 that was first broadcast in Scotland on the 7th November 2010 and has yet to be broadcast in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Full plot synospsisEdit

Stabbed in a dark alley of Glasgow city centre, a busker desperately tries to drag himself to help but dies amongst a swarm of shocked pedestrians. With footprints and the victim’s dog’s bloody paws contaminating the site, the crime scene is a nightmare for forensic pathologist Duncan Clark, and for D.C.I Burke and his team.

With no clear suspect the team track down CCTV footage which reveals two prominent local figures present in the area of the stabbing – gangster Benny ‘Baby Doc’ Docherty and Clark Donovan, Head of Appropriations at the City Council.

Vital evidence for the investigation turns up in the hands of Art students Annie and Mickey who were photographing the alley at the time of the murder for a college project. D.S. Mita Rahim talks to the students hoping the pictures will bring to light what really happened on the evening of the stabbing. Frustratingly, the essential shots from the time of the murder have been stolen from their dark room, but D.C.I. Burke is convinced this is more than just a coincidence...

Meanwhile, D.I. Ross’ personal life is spiralling out of control. Deep in debt from gambling, and assisting a rehabilitating drug addict in his home, he finds himself at the mercy of Baby Doc. As the hunt for a suspect persists, Robbie’s life comes under investigation by D.C.I. Atkins from Professional Standards, and he’s removed from the case.

Heading up the investigation falls to the newly promoted D.I. Jackie Reid but Chief Super Campbell warns her to tread very cautiously. However, when Clark Donovan is caught trying to blackmail Mickey for the ‘missing’ photographs Reid has no choice but to intervene, with tragic consequences...

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