Trust is the third episode of series 24 and first aired on the 21st april 2008.

Plot synopsisEdit

A man is discovered tortured and executed on remote wasteland, and the team investigate, discovering that the victim was a hit-man. Soon their enquiries lead them to a local entrepreneur who they believe may have criminal connections. But they also have other concerns as Burke is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Chief Superintendent Henson has marked him as a troublemaker, and she is determined to make sure his days in the police are numbered.

Full plot synopsisEdit

team of vice cops raid a city centre escort agency but someone is running away from the scene.

It’s DCI Matt Burke….

Cut to three days previously…

………Burke and Reid are attending a conference in Edinburgh where politician Frank Morgan gives a rousing speech on ending violence and antisocial behaviour. Burke is unimpressed and high flying Chief Superintendent Laura Henson quickly marks his card as a troublemaker

To Burke’s surprise, he spots old-flame Kathy Moffat in Morgan’s entourage. She was his fiancée twenty years ago and practically jilted him at the altar.

Meanwhile, on an area of Glasgow wasteland, a man is tortured and killed. The murder victim is identified as local hit-man Harry Boyd, but who hit the hit-man? The team find a connection between Boyd and Sam McIver, a career criminal recently released from prison. Ross and Fraser are sent by Burke to investigate.

At the same time Henson is doing her best to keep a close eye on the case and get Burke on her ‘hit list’ of old-timers due for retirement.

That evening, Burke meets Kathy for dinner and they reminisce about old times. Could he be falling in love with her again? When she tells him about trouble between Morgan and a local entrepreneur called Robert Shearer, whom she suspects is a criminal, Burke agrees to look into it.

Suddenly, the investigation into the murder of Harry Boyd takes an unexpected twist when his suspected torturers are gunned down in a hail of bullets.

Meanwhile Burke, determined to help Kathy, discovers a link between Shearer and a city escort agency. He checks it out, posing as a punter, but before he can get any answers there is a vice squad raid.

When CCTV footage from the raid shows Burke at the location, Henson seizes the opportunity to suspend him. With Burke out of the game, it’s up to the rest of the team to solve the case.

While Ross and Fraser follow a lead connecting McIver to Shearer, Reid seems more concerned about Burke’s relationship with Kathy. As the link between Shearer and Morgan becomes clearer, the truth forces Burke to face a shocking revelation …


Matt Burke - Alex Norton
Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff
Robbie Ross - John Michie
Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie